Amid the backdrop of the majestic cedar, cypress and redwood trees, many flowers and shrubs display their beauty.  Regardless of the time  of year, our grounds welcome a quiet stroll.  There here are several perfect places where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of the grounds – by the Koi pond, overlooking the quadrangle or on the porch overlooking the entire front garden from the front porch.

Our lush grounds are beautiful in every season.  Each seasons bring an array of flowers to the gardens as well as the vineyards.  So a stroll or a drive through the vineyards are beautiful regardless of when you visit.


Most of our plants are dormant in winter, but the magnolia tree outside the dining room window bursts into bloom with magnificent pale pink blossoms.  It is truly breathtaking.  Sadly, the blossoms last for about four weeks.  But our camellias and some early blooming bulbs are also showing off.  Happily, they last longer than the magnolia!  Fresh oranges from our tree garnish the breakfast plates and the zest goes into our orange cream cheese crepes that we top with homemade blueberry sauce.  Delicious!

Drive through the three winery appellations in the winter and see the character of the bare vines.  All the vines are beautiful at this time of year, and when a low blanket of fog hugs the valley floor, the vines look like sentries protecting their treasure.  This time of year, thee vines are dormant, resting from their vigorous growth of the previous season.


Spring begins with a wide variety of bulbs poking their heads through the damp ground.  If you are a guest during this time, you will see our hyacinth, daffodils, jonquils, crocus and azaleas and rhododendron in bloom. From the dining room window see lavender and white wisteria climbing up the ancient heritage trees.  Everything is turning green as the trees and shrubs put on their new leaves.

In the vineyards the vines are leafing, setting the buds, and later forming the clusters that will become the grapes that are harvested in the Fall.  At this time of year, the roots of the vines are growing deeper and the canes experience a huge growth spurt.


In summer the garden explodes with color and perfume.  The roses are in bloom, flowering bower vines line the driveway, the front boxwood quadrangle is vibrant with begonias or other flowering annuals, and the lavender, gardenia and rhododendron offer their perfume and paint the garden with their striking colors.  Stroll the garden or enjoy a quiet afternoon by the koi ponds.  The fish respond to voices and will come to the edge of the pond to welcome you.

In early June, the fruit that has been forming sets as the grape clusters.  The vineyard managers are shaping the long canes on the vines to carefully form a canopy that assures sun to the fruit while protecting it from burning.  The most visible new growth occurs during the summer. The canes typically grow from 2 feet to 6 feet in 6 weeks!  Toward the end of summer the vines are transferring their energy from the leaves to the fruit to allow the fruit to ripen.


Who says California doesn’t have fall foliage?  The downtown streets of Healdsburg are ablaze with trees dressed in the fall colors of red, orange, yellow and rust.  Our grounds are also painted with the colors of fall.  Our evenings turn crisp while our days continue to be warm.  Relaxing in front of the fireplace in   the evening with a glass of wine is the perfect place to wind down after taking in the incredible beauty of the vineyards.

In early fall, the fruit continues to ripen.  Harvest begins in late August/early September for the white varietals and in mid-September for the red varietals.  This is a busy time and there is much anticipation in the air – not to mention the perfume from the crushed fruit .  Following harvest the vines again go dormant and the leaves turn every shade of yellow, orange and red imaginable.  This is definitely California’s Wine Country fall foliage .